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House moving checklist

Getting all your ducks in a row before moving house can be a daunting job. Luckily our house moving checklist is comprehensive, and will ensure you don't forget any of the important details

Office/Business moving checklist

There are more moving parts when shifting your business to a new location. We've had a good think and come up with this checklist to help you make things just a little bit easier for you and your employees 

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Q- How long will my move take?
A- A standard 3 bedroom house lot will take 2-3 hours to load and 1-2 hours to offload + any travel time.

Q- How do I go about organising insurance?
A- Check with your own provider about transit insurance. You’ll often find that you’re already covered through contents.

Q- How many men will be on the job?
A- We generally use two men, but 3 may be required for larger moves or for houses with tricky access. The boss will always be on the job to ensure things go smoothly.

Tips & Tricks

  • Try to stick to two box sizes- smaller boxes for heavy/fragile items and larger boxes for larger items such as linen/bedding etc. This will ensure optimum safety and make stacking fast and efficient. 
  • Box as many items as possible- we don’t mind loose items but ensuring all contents are boxed up will make the job a breeze for both parties. 
  • Keep doorways and hallways clear- This prevents us double handling on move day and will speed up the process for you. 
  • Keep garden tools together- by placing them in a large open box or garbage bin. It’s fine if they stick out the top. 
  • Keep all bed pieces together- Once dismantled, screw the nuts and bolts back into their respective threads, and tape the slats together.